I’ve been experimenting with Unity Cross Platform Game Engine and C+. Here’s a video clip of a super basic side scroller video game I made. I’ve always wanted my artwork featured in video games & apps….so I’m building my own.

Beware the Cactii, they will injure and/or kill Gold Dog. Collect all of the gold, do not stop to smell roses. Witness the Nintendada Fluxus Gaming media empire.

I will be posting VR environment experiments soon, so check in!


YakuzaHaven’t posted in a while….just back from a great road trip through Texas. Thanks to all the new people who are following my site! I saw so many great things while I was in Texas… a rodeo in Ft. Worth, the Dallas state fair (Big Tex returns!), a James Turrell show, a house made of beer cans….My girlfriend and I were even attacked by zombies, but more on that later. One great thing was being asked to exhibit work at Houston’s Art Car Musem in an upcoming show…. The Gun Show 2013. Now I am settling back into art mode, and am thinking about what to create for this show……